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Behind the Lens

You don’t marry the person you can live with – you marry the person you cant live without”


Bend Wedding Photographer


I am Danielle a Bend wedding photographer and photojournalist. I  specialize in wedding, elopement, and family photography for those that love natural light and real moments. I am based in Bend Oregon but I can also be found photographing in my native hometown Santa Cruz and the Bay Area.

My love for wedding photography came as a surprise to me. After graduating with a degree in photojournalism I was determined to work for an editorial and be published in National Geographic, but shortly after photographing my first wedding I was hooked and I made a detour in my career path. Weddings are a perfect blend of love, adventure, beauty, and emotion, and I love being in the mix of it all. If you are silly or serious, adventurous or quiet, I love photographing you and your love for each other. There is a story in every wedding and I can’t wait to share yours.


I believe in love that lasts a lifetime. Weddings truly are a celebration of life and I love to be a part of them! Each time I photograph a new beginning I remind myself of the vows I pledged just a few years ago to my best friend. My husband is my rock and my dreamer. He definitely adds humor to the house. We cook, we explore, we parent, and most importantly we still date each other.


I don’t have words that can describe what it means to me to be a mother, my children are my life. I am blessed with two little ones Landon and Jada and they fill my life with purpose, they teach me the importance of being present and they have broken my heart and rebuilt it a thousand times.

Photography Awards

I believe in working hard and my hard work has paid off. My photography has won many awards and been featured in many publications ranging from online to printed books and magazines. For more details visit my published page.

Yoga and adventure

We are a family that craves adventure, yoga and fitness. Its no surprise that my husband and I own a yoga and lifestyle company created to bring people a moment of peace and relaxation in their busy days. If we aren’t working you can probably find us out exploring or working out. Here is a link to our Yoga company Pono Ola

Pay it forward

I believe in hard work and I believe in miracles. I am a cancer survivor. It was scary and and illness that shook my life and everything in it. It taught me about the poser of the moment, the importance of a loving community. the need for friendship and the power of prayer. It is also the catalyst for my photography compassion mission. For more details check out my giving back page.