I am better


Wow, everyting in your blog is amazing! Call me when you get home…when ever that is.

Roger Lyon

SO good to hear that you’re better. One of those passing prices we pay. It’s a sure sign when one comments on the great food. It’s mac and cheese and ham for me this evening. Don’t ya miss it?
Yippee, yes. Just get on the right plane. Can’t wait to talk. Rog


still planning on going again next year? well, it is a trip to remember. see ya soon girl, can’t wait to hear more about it all.

Ann Morrison

Danielle, I guess you are home by now. This is the first I have read your blog. I feel like I missed your whole trip. At least you didn’t get sick til it was almost time to go home. Are you feeling better now? I loved what you wrote about the gorillas. Your pictures are beautiful. I want to send a new jacket to that little boy. We are so isolated in our safety and opulence. God bless the people who help. I’m so glad you had Mary with you. And lost luggage??? What a nightmare. Welcome home. When you get time, drop me a line and tell me what you are doing.
🙂 Ann