Giving Back

Giving Back

we make a living by what we get,
but we make a life by what we give
                                -winston churchill

Ever since I became a cancer survivor I have recognized the pain of suffering and joy of receiving in a time of need. Danielle Gillett Photography donates a portion of every wedding to helping others. As a client you will be actively participating in helping to give to those who are suffering. We give to the following organizations

Living Waters
Living waters is a non profit organization that brings fresh water and helps build wells in places of contamination . My husband and I served with living waters as part of our honeymoon. We had an incredible experience of building a well in a village and teaching hygiene to the woman and children.

Compassion International
Compassion is a non profit orgainzation that brings sponsors and funding to children and families in need. My husband and I sponsor a 6 year old girl from Guatemala named Daniela. Our funding helps her family with clothing, food and schooling throughout the year. We hope to visit her in the future.

Project Rwanda
Project Rwanda is a non profit organization that provides bicycles to the people of Rwanda so they can transport their coffee and stimulate the economy. In 2007 I traveled to Africa to document the use of bicycles in the the country of Rwanda. All the proceeds from the book were given to Project Rwanda. This book won the award as the best published book of the year from the publishing company.