Giving Back Projects

Project Rwanda

This was my first project and my first time ever leaving the country. I ventured to Africa with a bag of clothes and a camera to document the use of bicycles in the country of Rwanda. Rwanda has an amazing environment to grow coffee and tea but without the ownership of cars and animals everything is transported on the bicycle. Project Rwanda engenierred a bike to help farmers transports their goods from fields to the washing stations. I documented the story and built a book to increase awareness. My book later won the grand prize as "Best published Book of the year" from the publishing company

Living Waters

Thats me and my husband on our honeymoon. Yep that is right we spent part of our honeymoon in El Salvador digging a well so that the village of could have access to clean water. Living waters is provides water, the foundation of all development, to millions though-out the developing world. It is an opportunity for the impoverished to improve their life with health, hygiene, sanitation, education.

Compassion International

We started a sponsorship of our Compassion Child Daniela shortly after our first child was born. We thought it is perfect opportunity to educate our family about giving and serving kids that do not benefit from the same lifestyle as we do. As our children get older we write to one another and we have plans in a few years to visit Daniela and her family. Daniela lives in Guatemala in a brick house in the county. She is now 8 years old and regularly attends school to get an education and helps around the house. Compassion International is an amazing program that supports the growth and development of children around the world so they can have access to an education and learn life skills.