We really would like to thank you for all the time and effort put in our wedding and engagement session. The result: awesome photos and a great time!

Brent and I are in love with ALL the photos and we don’t stop receiving compliments from family and friend. Here are a few that I want to share:

– These are gorgeous! love love love them! (Alice – Our officiant)

– PD: Muchas gracias por el link de fotos. Es la mejor fotógrafa que he visto jamás! (Adha from Spain)
[PS. Thanks so much for the link. She (Danielle) is the best photographer I’ve ever seen!]

– I LOVE them!! They made me cry – in a very good way. (Luci, my mother in law, when she saw the engagement photos)

– Me he quedado boquiabierta con las fotos!!, están BEAUTIFUL!!, parecen modelos jaja, yo tb quiero que me tomen una foto corriendo por el campo! :b (Luciana – my sister – Peru)
[I am amazed with the pictures, they are BEAUTIFUL!!, you look like models ha ha, I also want to have a picture of myself running on the fields!]

Just wanted to add, I really had a good time with you and Celeste… you are SO nice and very easy to be around with that made my day smooth and almost relaxing… the whole day I kept thinking I was so glad to have you as our photographers!

Congratulations to you on all your successes, I am sure the best is yet to come!

Valeria & Brent

PD. Enjoy every minute of life and the wedding planning stage. Time flies!