We got our bags!!!!!


Wow!!! Hang in there Miss D it sounds like your having a great time! good to hear from you:)

Michelle Parides

I can just imagine how wonderful that shower and clean clothes felt. Good luck on your trip!


Nobody ever prays for a boring trip…

What is it with blogging about showers lately, first [b] writes a whole post about it, and now you! Nah, that’s awesome that you got your bags back before you left the area! That would have been such a pain if it hadn’t worked out!

And about this almost flight to the wrong airport… had you guys just bought tickets to the wrong airport not knowing there were two? And you rode the train to the right one instead of flying? I get so confused sometimes 😉

Anyways, glad you got them all, and I hope you get some good rest on your next long flight!


Love your blog, great way to share your adventure. The whole family is following along with your journey. Your trip sounds like memories you’ll have forever. I’m so glad you found your stuff, you alway do!

Roger Lyon

I just don’t know how to express WOW or AWESOME loudly enough!!!!
When you get on the plane for the return trip, where will the plane really be taking you. I can’t think of a train that’ll get you back to Santa Cruz.
I’m so happy for the both of you!


Great to hear u were on time! 🙂