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We are in Africa


Can’t wait for the pictures, I want to see some animals. Praying for You & Mary.

You rock, thanks again for the updates and looking forward to following along with your trip from here!


Hi Hon,

I’m having Robert check your blog and read it to me. Sounds like a real adventure. The unexpected good, along with frustrating stresses, and experiencing both, makes it all the perfect adventure.

Love, Grandma


Lions and elephants OH MY. Tell us more, tell us more! our excitement is your life. Keep having fun…


We are preparing an emergency shipment of information regarding Lindsay Lohan, Desperate Housewives and Elvis sightings so that you will not be bereft of culture when you return.


I just realized you are there! Have a great time! And don’t bother sleeping, there will be way too much to do and see. Oh, and feel free to call with all your computer questions! hehe.


Sounds amazing! I hope you see a pack of giraffe’s! 🙂 Glad you finally got to change your clothes too. There are 5 airports in London, I guess Brussells is allowed to have 2 ;)))


Danielle What a journey so far. Thank you for sharing your trip with us. I’m proud of you and I hope you take some beautiful pictures.


Hi Mary,

I love all the photography I’ve seen so far. You look beautiful. I’m so happy you are there and soaking up so much culture. Keep on learning. Glad the luggage made it!!
Keep up your great work. I love you and miss you, Gail


Hey Mary,
The landscape is soo beautiful! Your friend is a very talented photographer. Hows the food over there? Tell me about the exotic African cuisine! Have you learned some of the language, dances or customs! When I see you, you have to show me some sexy tribal dance! Have a wonderful time. Wish I was there! Your gorgeous and wonderful like always! DeLuca